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A lot of people nowadays look for legitimate way of getting some free coins for Ultimate Team in FIFA series. There are many different pages that offer their services, giving you fifa 18 coin generator that works seamlessly and effortlessly. Unfortunately, in most cases these applications do not work like they supposed to work or they don’t work at all. That is why it’s very difficult to find the one tool that will not only meet, but also exceed our expectations. The whole point of getting coins is to be able to purchase the best players in the world without spending your real money on the game. In a moment you are going to be acquainted with product of our own authorship that already helped thousands of players.

The following article consists of the description of the tool as well as quick and general reminder of what to expect from the production itself. Once you know everything about fifa 18 coin generator and the game for which it was created, you will be ready to advance in the ladder in any game mode there is in FIFA 18!


About our services

fifafreecoins.org, the page you are currently browsing, has been in this business for quite a long time. We have been programming tools, installers, hacking devices, and generators for a long time now. Since the beginning we focused on one particular thing – that is efficiency. At the beginning we were just like you – people, who are looking for some way to facilitate the game. Nevertheless, we couldn’t find any legitimate products. That is why several IT enthusiasts have formed the page that is now one of the most secured sources of free fifa 18 coins.

Why are we legitimate?

There are several reasons why our site is better than any other tool you can find. We know what the most important elements of each and every generating tool are. That is why you can hope for quick, simple, user-friendly, and of course safe addition of your free fifa 18 coins.

What features do we offer?

FIFA 18 coin generator, as the name suggests, guarantees only one particular feature, which is the possibility to generate FIFA coins for the game. These coins are essential for multiplayer struggle, where you will be playing against other players. With them, you can not only get new players, but also extend contracts with your stars and get some extremely valuable footballers as the substitutes. In addition to the main function of our tool, we also introduced special scripts and features that will work in the background during generating coins. Once the process is finished, all the activity will be gone, leaving you only with coins added to your account.

Safety – how protected is our software?

The most important element you all usually take into account is of course protection measures that make sure you and your account are safe during using our site. We combined checked and fully working methods that include proxy servers, anti-ban script, and of course the right certificates, giving you 100% assurance everything presented here is safe and undetectable. All these things resulted in changed IP address, unknown location of the user, and of course completely anonymous connection of fifa 18 coin generator with your game.


Simplicity and problem-free generation


Yet another reason why it’s better to get free fifa 18 coins from us rather than other site. We made sure that there will be no difficult steps of generating free fifa 18 coins. No advertisements, no third party programs that would want to install some files on your computer – no problems whatsoever!



We could of course create simple program that will give you tool within several seconds. However, what’s the point of doing such thing if we wouldn’t be sure whether generated coins are real? That is why we took some more time just to make sure that each and every element of this program works perfectly. There will be no disappearing coins, there will be no visual fakes or anything like that. Specialists from different parts of the world have been working on making sure that our software is genuine and offers everything we would offer to other people. Everything has been checked twice and plenty of people have already tested it all out! If you don’t believe us, you can take a look at evidence in the form of pictures!


About the game – what FIFA 18 can offer?

As you can guess, the whole cycle of the most popular football production in the world was created by EA Sports, the branch of Electronic Arts, one of the biggest gaming companies in the world. FIFA 18 is yet another instalment that had its release in Autumn. Another instalment guarantees us as much entertainment as all previous parts, but there are some interesting novelties that will surely appeal to your taste. We have been thinking about the reasons why the latest part of FIFA is even better than the one released a year before. In the next paragraph we will show you how many improvements were made and why it isn’t yet another hoary old chestnut.



The list of changes that were implemented by the authors from EA Sports studio is pretty large. First of all, we should take a note at gameplay mechanics changes. When compared to previous version, we can see here a bit different approach to the control of the ball by our players. What’s more, the whole system of tacking has been reorganized. Now it is much more intuitive, yet quite difficult to tackle the all. In some cases, it is also much riskier but also more rewarding.

People will surely appreciate the improvements in game modes. The fans of careers will surely enjoy testing out all the novelties that appeared in transfer window system. What’s more, there are also small changes that will improve the experience from the career modes overall. We shouldn’t forget about such important game mode, as the journey, which was freshly introduced in the previous edition of the game. Now, in season 2, we will be able to travel all over the world, meet legendary players (like for example Cristiano Ronaldo), and be the part of football on the highest possible level.



Except for that, we should also draw our attention to Real Players Motion technology, which is the first novelty announced by the creators of the game. Thanks to that, we receive much more realistic movement of the players. Their reactions on the ball are much more realistic and gives us a glimpse of how the match should really look like. All the physical aspects of the players are now taken into account when fighting for the ball, passing, as well as shooting.


Game modes

The real reason why people are looking for fifa 18 coin generator is because they are in need of fifa 18 coins for variety of game modes available in the game. Of course FIFA 18 doesn’t give us any new ways of playing. We still receive the same modes like single player mode divided into career mode, tournaments, cups, or quick matches. The second type of gameplay is multiplayer. There, we can choose one of several modes. FIFA Ultimate Team (also known as FUT) is the main game mode, in which we receive decks of cards with footballers. At the beginning these footballers are pretty weak and cheap. However, with time we can purchase better players with much more skills that will suit our tactics.

So now, when you know a thing or two about the game itself, let us take a look at the product itself. See why we are much better option than using other software.


Summary – is it hard to get free fifa 18 coins?

Back in the days, when people weren’t able to release such interesting tools like ours, it was very difficult and often risky. Now; however, it is quite simple and doesn’t require any sophisticated knowledge or programming skills. You just click one button and after a moment everything is ready! So simple, so easy to understand, yet so effective! Of course many of you might not believe in our services. That is why it is better to test out our software with any antivirus you wish to choose. Scan it and see there is no file that would endanger you or your computer!